Sunday, April 22, 2007

Election time

As you may know already, today is the first round of the election of the next French president. We have twelve candidates for this first round, and tonight we will know what are the two who remain in the race for the second round that is planed on the 6th of May, in two weeks.
As for all elections, everybody who is registered in the electoral list has received this letter.
A rather thick enveloppe, containing a summary of the program of each candidate (what we call the "profession de foi") and a copy of each balot paper. With twelve candiates, it makes a lot of paper ! As you see the cover does not bear any stamp, of course, but bears the folowing mark :

Which could be translated as : franking settled with La Poste, authorization political elections. These letters are distributed by the French post as the normal mail. The state pays back 0,15 euro for each enveloppe to the French post.
How does it work in your country ? Do you get also the same type of sending prior to the election ? How is it handled ? I would be happy top hear about you on this.

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