Tuesday, March 27, 2007

United nations and a big thank you !

During last weekend, I had the pleasure to find this cover in my mail box. It bears the four stamps issued on the 15th of March 2007 by United Nations (office of New York) in the endangered species series. As you see, this year this series is dedicated to monkeys. And as you can see on the pictorial postmark, this cover is a FDC.
I had two main reasons to be pleased by this cover. The first one is that this is my first cover bearing UN stamps. And what a nice cover ! Nice and very colourful stamps, very nice and clean postmark. The cover was very well prepared so that it arrived in a very good condition. As you know I like FDC when they actually travel through the postal service. Another detail to be mentioned : the illustrated margin that is present on the four stamps. Nice idea to have kept them ! I’m not a specialist of monkeys, so I can not say much about the species pictured on the stamps, but the stamps have been designed by
John Rowe, an artist and illustrator specialized in animals illustration.
The second reason that made me happy is that this cover comes from a reader of my blog (Mrs Yu Ann). Thank you very much for this nice letter. And thank you very much for the stamps that were included inside. I am very pleased by the number of interesting philatelic contacts that I’ve had with some of you thanks to my blog. When I started it, I was wondering if I would be read, and if I would get some exchange with other people. I’m very impressed by the result and it gives me even more will to go further in the writing of this blog. So thanks to all the readers. Don’t hesitate to write to me (
eric.bruth@freesbee.fr) to make any comments or to suggest any subject that you’d like me to address here.

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msyanwu said...

Eric: When did I get married? Haha...but I am glad you like it.