Friday, March 30, 2007

Souvenir sheet from Hong Kong

Yesterday evening I could spend some more time sorting the stamp mixture I got some days ago and I found this interesting souvenir sheet from Hong Kong.

It was issued in 1997 but the stamp re-uses the design of a stamp issued in a set in 1992 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the first General Post Office. What I find interesting is that on the right border of the sheet, nine of the definitive stamps issued between 1862 and 1997 are represented. From top to bottom :
- Queen Victoria 96c from 1862
- King Edward VII $3 from 1903
- King George V $2 from 1912
- King George VII 10$ from 1938
- Queen Elizabeth II $1 from 1954
- Queen Elizabeth II 65c from 1968
- Coat of arms $1 from 1968
- National flag 10c from 1987
- Map of Hong Kong 50c from 1987
I think this is an interesting idea and it shows quite well the evolution of the design of definitive stamps over the time.
Another interesting particularity of this souvenir sheet is that on the reverse side, on the gummed side, you can find information about the various locations of the General Post Office through the time.

It seems that this souvenir sheet is the tenth in a series (look at the top left corner of the sheet) but I could not find any information about the other souvenir sheets. If somebody can help me it will be great.

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Adrian said...

Hi Eric,
I'm back! And I know a bit about the Hong Kong sheets you showed. Have a look at my entry for today!