Thursday, March 22, 2007

Romanian pottery (update)

I have not much time to write today, but I wanted to share with you some update on my latest post. I finally found back the scan of the stamp issued last year by Romanian post and that pictures the same pottery than the one illustrated on the post stationery.

If you have this stamp to exchange or sell, I’m interested.

I also found some information about these potteries on the Romanian post website. Here it is.

“Among the Romanian traditional ceramics, wedding pots have a special place. Wedding pots illustrate the technical inventiveness and the imagination of potters, characterized by the originality of the forms, proportions, decorations and chromatics.
Wedding pots were made especially during autumn, when most of the weddings took place. The grooms ordered the pots; usually, four or five at the same time. These were offered to the godparents and to the parents of the bride, but they could also be kept in the house. Today, they are decorative items of the modern interior, or kept in various exhibit forms, on the table, hanging on the wall or to the beam.
The simplicity of the form, the richness of the motifs, the harmonious distribution of the drawings and the highlight through ornament and color of certain portions, which together represent a work of art, is a characteristic of the Romanian peasant art. The composition seems to be perfect due to its symmetrical, alternating and rhythmical distribution of the ornamental motif, but also of the chromatic one.
Pots illustrate features of the peasant creation, such as originality, continuity, ethnic specificity, functionality and last but not least, the artistic virtues.The traditions and interferences of all kinds led to the spreading of the handicraft and to the typological, temporal and territorial diversification, within the specific style of the Romanian popular art.
The postage stamp with face value of RON 0.30 represents pottery from Oboga-Olt.”

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