Thursday, March 01, 2007

Post of Greenland

I recently wrote about my good experience with the Danish post, and today I’d like to speak about my experience with the post of Greenland.

Several weeks ago I bought some stamps from the website of Greenland’s post ( The website is well done, easy to use and is available in three languages : English, Danish and German. I still haven’t received by stamps (which is normal taken into account the date of issue) but, last week, I have received again a nice folder containing a lot of information about stamps from Greenland : a catalogue of the available product, a copy of their philatelic publication and some other brochures explaining the good reason to collect stamps from Greenland. Unfortunately almost all documents are not translated in English (I think they are in Danish). So not very useful for me.On top of this, there were some gifts :some mint stamps, but more important there was this very nice card.

The stamp that is on the card has been issued on the 20th of October 2003 and belongs to a series about navigation. The boat pictured on the stamp is the Godthaab (which means Gode Hope in Danish) and which is the boat that brought the first settlers in Greenland. The stamp, and the card have been designed and engraved by Martin Mörck, a famous stamp engraver and designer who has engraved a lot of stamps fro Nordic countries, but also for France and others. He has a very interesting and very beautiful website that I invite you to visit : There is a very interesting section about the art of engraving a stamp, and a reproduction of all stamps he has produced.

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