Monday, March 26, 2007

A new week begins

As planned I took benefice of this three days weekend to sort out some stamps and to finish some update on my website The Philatelic Frog. I have added few stamps in various countries, but more important, I have also initiated a more thematic way of presenting my collection. I have now added one page presenting the species of frog pictured on the stamps (I have put only one species so far, but more will come), and another page presenting the fables and tales that are illustrated on stamps with a frog. For this purpose I need the help of somebody who could help me to translate a poem from Spanish to English. If this is your case, please contact me.

Better late than never, I also wanted to show you the ATM (LISA) issued by the French Post for “La fête du timbre” (see also here). It is also related to Harry Potter, as for the stamps issued at the same time. I think this is the first time that the French post issues a special LISA for this occasion. I think it is quite nice, but as usual, it is hard to get because it was sold only during the stamp show (one day !) and in specific places. But this is always the case for commemorative LISA from France.

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msyanwu said...

Eric: This is very pretty. But I prefer the regular Lisa though showing different architectural designs.