Monday, March 12, 2007

Frog from Nepal (II)

In a previous post (Frog from Nepal) I have shown a stamp issued by Nepal on the 12th of June 2006 picturing a frog. At this time I was very happy to add it to my frog stamps collection because it was my first item from Nepal. So you can imagine how happy I was, last Saturday, when coming back from Post office with this registered letter (I show you the recto and the verso).

(click on the pictures to zoom)

The cover comes from a philatelic contact who lives in Kathmandu. The stamps that are on the back side of the cover belong to the same set than the frog stamp. This set contains in total five stamps all related to bio-diversity (click here to see the full set on WNS website).
The frog pictured on the stamp is a frog that lives in India and Nepal. It is a threatened species. Interestingly this stamp has a link to my last post about design error, because it contains an error. Ok you must be a good specialist to detect it I admit. You want to know the error ? Well look at the scientific name of the frog : Amolops formosus, Günther 1875. For those who are not familiar with scientific names, they are always divided in three parts : a Latin name giving the genus and the species of the animal or the plant. Then there is a name, this is the name of the naturalist who has discovered the species, or who has identified it for the first time as a separate species. And then there is the date (the year) of the discovery. And here is the mistake. The correct name should be Amolops formosus, Günther 1876. Ok I agree, a small error and hard to detect…

Just two things to add, still about error on stamps. In my last post I showed a stamp from Great Britain belonging to the “Sky at night” set. Last weekend I received the catalogue from Canadian post. In this catalogue, I saw that the post from Canada sells some stamps from other countries. Among the stamps proposed, there is the set “Sky at night” from Great Britain. And guess what ? The photo on the catalogue pictures the stamp with the misnamed stars ! I wonder if you get the “wrong” stamp when you order it from Canada (since I know that Royal mail now sells only the corrected stamp) ? I have some doubt but still…Last point : in one comment to my last post a visitor has indicated a link to his website where you can see plenty of errors on stamps :
http// I invite you to visit it because it is well done.

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