Thursday, March 08, 2007

Design errors on stamps

Some people have specialized their collection in collecting only stamps containing an error. By error I do not mean an error in the printing process creating a variety (missing colour, shifted perforation, etc) but I mean actual error in the design of a stamp : wrong date, misspelled name, historical error, mistake in the design of a flag, etc. I recently read about this stamp, that contains an error.

It has been issued on the 26 of August 2006 by Austria to raise money for WIPA 2008 an international philatelic exhibition that is planned next year. On the scan the error is very hard to see because of the colours that are used, but the name of the country is misspelled : Österrreich instead of Österreich (three “r” instead of two…). The error seems to have been noticed too late, and it hasn’t been corrected.
I’m always completely puzzled when I see such basic error on a stamp. I don’t know how many people are reviewing a stamp design before it is actually printed in a large scale and nobody notices that the name of their own country is wrongly written. How is it possible ?Another recent error (but more subtle) concerns a stamp issued by Great Britain early this year.

This stamp belongs to the set “The sky at Night” issued by Royal Mail on the 13th of February 2007. The picture I show here is a “specimen” taken from the WNS web site (hence the black line in the bottom right corner). It is the corrected version of the stamp. But the first stamps that were printed contain an error. On the wrong version of the stamps, the M36 and M38 stars are misnamed M136 and M138. The error has been noticed and the stamps have been corrected, but it is probable that some of the wrong stamps will be available on the philatelic market…
Do you have in your collection any stamps containing an interesting error ? I would be happy to hear about it and to get a scan, if possible.


Sébastien said...

Last errors on French stamps are easy to catch : two out of the ten stamps of the last "Portraits de régions" minisheet have got an error :
* a photography of the Lison River source is labelled "Cascade Doubs",
* a photography of the Ballon de Guebwiller (in Vosges mountains) is labelled "ballon d'Alsace".

You can read Claude Jamet's Ma Philatélie :

Anonymous said...

I collect design errors on map stamps.

Eric said...

You can see my web page in french :

Anonymous said...

Singapore Design Error Stamp: