Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cover from Gibraltar

I have received last week, this cover from Gibraltar. Thank you very much Angel. This is my first cover from there. I must admit that I did not even realize before that Gibraltar issues its own stamps.
The three stamps on the cover belong to a set of sixteen stamps issued in 2000 to celebrate the new millennium. Each stamp of the set pictures a different time in History. The three stamps of the cover pictures (in chronological order) : the sandy plains – 2 Million years BC (in the middle), the great siege 1779-1783 (on the right), and the city 1830-1900 (on the left). The cancel is very light so hard to see on the scan but it is quite interesting. There is a round date stamp (located on the right stamp) and a big G in an oval (between the left and middle stamps). A very nice cover that I’m happy to add to my collection of covers from the world.

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