Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A short post today

Yes today’s post will be short as my schedule is completely disturbed due to an unexpected family issue.
I just wanted to show you the cover I received recently from Russia. It comes from Alexander, the author of
Used covers.

(click on the picture to zoom)
The souvenir sheet was issued in 2004 (5th of August) and explains to children, in the form of a cartoon, the basic rules of road safety : use pedestrian crossing, cross when traffic light is red, know the road traffic rules, don’t play on the road and use a safety belts. I particularly like this last one, the stamp with the chicken. The postmark is very nice also, as you can see it clearly on the two other definitive stamps.
Thanks a lot Alexander.

Before going to work, one last word to tell about Bob’s blog (Stanlick Stamp Exchange). Bob recently wrote to me about mine and I’m happy to I invite you to visit his blog. The recent post about “Can you ever achieve a complete collection” asks a very interesting question…

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