Monday, February 19, 2007

Letter from Slovenia

Slovenia has entered the Euro zone since the 1st of January this year. At this occasion, Slovenian post has issued the first stamps denominated in Euro only. This is a set of definitive stamps picturing plants and flowers from Slovenia. One example is the 1 cent stamp (0.01 Euro) of this cover I received recently (the stamp is on the left).

The stamp on the right is also denominated in Euro. It has been issued on the 24th of January 2007 and belongs to a series about traditional costumes. Each year a stamp is issued picturing stamps from a different area; on this one the costumes are from Smeldnik.
I could not find information on the stamp located in the middle, the one with the snowman and the “A” denomination.
What is a bit strange for me on this cover is that the stamp on the right is cancelled with its first day cancel dated from the 24th of January and the two others are cancelled with the standard postmark from Smeldnik, but dated on the 5th of February, the actual date on which the letter was sent. The postal rate of a letter from Slovenia to France is 0.40 Euro, it means that the A stamp (equivalent to the national rate so 0,20 Euro) and the Smeldnik costumes stamp (face value 0.20) were needed (the 0,01 Euro stanp being “on top”).
In France this sort of double postmark with different dates would not be possible. Such a letter would not be accepted. I mean you can not post a letter on the 5th of February, with a stamp already cancelled on the 24th of January (even though this is a first day cancel)… So I wonder how such double postmark is possible… This is not the first time I see such thing but I’m always puzzled when I see it…

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