Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dogs from India

This week is definitely hectic ! After the snow of yesterday, a strike in the public transports has completely disorganized my daily schedule. On top of that my workload is not decreasing, so it does not let me much time for stamps.

But enough complains. For today I wanted to show you this nice registered cover I got from India through the CCCC.

Click on the picture to zoom

This set of four stamps picturing breeds of dogs from India has been issued on the 9th of January 2005. The breeds of dogs that are pictured are the Mudhol hound , the Rampur hound, the Himalayan sheepdog and the Rajapalayam. I’m not much into dogs, neither on stamps nor in real life. But the cover looks quite nice. The postmark is not very visible, at least it does not spoil the stamps.

By the way, I’m late in sending some covers and stamps to some of you. Sorry for that, but don’t worry they will come. I just need to find a bit more of free time…

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Justin said...

Yes! The covers are nice indeed...