Friday, February 16, 2007

Danish post

I’m always amazed to see the difference of level in the quality of service provided by the postal administrations to philatelists of the world. I recently had a very good experience with Danish post and wanted to share it with you.

Something as two weeks ago I have bought the international polar year souvenir sheet and associated stamps, issued by Danish post, from their
website. This website is very well done and easy to use, and you can get it in four different languages (Danish, German, English and French).
Few days after my order (I would say four or five days), I received a nice folder from Denmark, containing the 2006/2007 catalogue of stamps (again translated in four languages) and a copy of the January issue of their philatelic publication. Here is a scan of the cover.

This is a very nice booklet, containing description of the stamps issued in January 2007. For each issue, there is a very comprehensive article giving a lot of background information, and also an article giving information on one of the persons who has participated to the design of the stamp. All is illustrated with very nice pictures and nice reproduction of the stamps, stamp sheets, booklets and first day covers. A very luxurious booklet. And all… in French ! (I guess the same is available in Danish, English and German also).
Then after few days I received my stamps. Here is a scan of the stamps and souvenir sheet that I bought (I already mentioned this issue in a “International polar year” and “International polar year (2)).

I was highly impressed by the quality of the service. If I compare to French Post there is a big difference. The French post website is not so well done, is available in French only. The philatelic publication of the French post (Philapost) is available only in French and you need to subscribe to get it… and therefore you need to pay… even if you buy stamps.
I must say that this very good experience makes me feel like buying other stamps from Denmark. I’m going to have a deeper look on the stamps issued buy this country. May be this is the beginning of a new collection ?
I would be happy if you would like to share with me (and us) the experience you have with other postal administrations.

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Eric (Lyon) said...

bonjour Eric,

je viens de découvrir ton blog, très interessant !
je suis tout à fait d'accord avec cet article. je reçois également la brochure en français de la poste danoise qui c'est vrai est d'une excellente qualité et...gratuite ! je tiens à signaler que je n'ai pas encore commandé un seul timbre danois et je reçois quand même cette brochure depuis plusieurs années !! effectivement, ta comparaison avec le Philinfo français (23 €/an) est édifiante...
je souhaitais préciser que je reçois également des brochures gratuites du Groenland (en anglais), des Féroé, de Suisse, du Liechtenstein, de Belgique, d'Islande, du Canada...d'une excellente qualité sur le fond et la forme!
bonne continuation
un autre Eric de Lyon