Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Covers from Spain

Today I would like to pay tribute to Angel, the blogger of Send me a cover, who sent me recently three very nice cover. The first on is the one I showed here. Here are the two others.

I like the idea of thematic cover, i.e. covers bearing stamps that are linked together by a common theme. The first one is illustrated by stamps about extreme sports and picturing kayaking and rafting. What is interesting is that, when looking quickly at the cover, you could think that the four stamps of the top row belong to the same set. But this is not the case. Three stamps belong to a set issued in March 2006 about extreme sport, but the 0.28€ belongs to a set issued in 2005 and called “For the young : on the edge of the impossible”.
The second cover contains stamps that all include at least one hand in their design.
I really appreciate the time spent by Angel to find the appropriate stamps and to prepare the covers. They arrived in very good condition.Angel, I owe you at least three covers. I’m late but be sure that I’ll send them soon to you…

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