Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Chinese stamps from 2006

Again a busy day today… And it is snowing. Snow in Paris is never a good news…

I have received yesterday from my Chinese philatelic pen pal, a subset of the stamps issued by China (PRC) in 2006. It is always interesting to see how much different the stamps from China could be compared to modern issues from France and western Europe countries. A set of four stamps has particularly caught my attention.

(click on the picture to zoom)

It has been issued on the 12th of November 2006 and commemorates the 140th anniversary of Sun Yat-Sen’s birth. Sun Yat-Sen was a Chinese revolutionary, often considered as the father of modern China. He was the first president of the Republic of China founded in 1912.

Independently from the subject of those stamps, I think they are really nice. They even look better in reality than on the scan. It is also nice that the four stamps that my friend sent me are coming from the corner of a sheet, with the “traffic lights” in the margin. “Traffic lights” is the name given to the dots in the margin of the stamps and representing all colours used in the printing of the stamps. They are very useful to detect a variety on a stamp with a missing colour…

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