Thursday, February 01, 2007

Away to Rome

I’m leaving soon for a long weekend to Rome. This will my first time in Rome (but not in Italy). I’m thrilled. I don’t go to Rome only to eat pastas, pizzas and drink Chianti, amaretto and Limoncello ;-) This trip has another purpose : rugby.
On Saturday, starts the 2007 six nations tournament and one of the first games is Italy vs. France. As I could get tickets I thought this was a good occasion to travel to Rome.
To illustrate this post what else could I choose than the stamp issued in 2000 by Italian post to celebrate the entry of Italy into the Six Nations tournament ? So here it is.

On the left border you can see the emblem of the six nations participating to the tournament : from top to bottom : Wales, Scotland, England, Ireland, France and Italy. The stamp pictures an action in a rugby game. It is probably taken from a photography of a real match, but due to the artistic treatment made on the picture, it’s hard to guess which teams were playing and what game it could have been…

I’ll be back on Monday on this blog, with still a lot of things to show you ;-)

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