Monday, February 26, 2007

Another week begins

It is holiday time in France for the Paris and its area. This week, a lot of people are going to the south of France to ski. I’m not really into skiing. I have tried once, a long time ago, and did not really enjoy it. So I’m not on holidays this week.
To begin this new week, I have selected this nice cover that I received recently from Belarus. This is not the first cover I receive from this country, but the previous ones were not so nice

The stamp located in the left bottom corner belongs to a set issued on the 18th of July 1994 celebrating Belarusian painters. This stamp pictures Jasev Drazdovich, a painter that I personally don’t know…
The stamp in the top right corner was issued on the 24th of October 1995 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the UN.
But the two small other stamps are my preferred ones on this cover. They belongs to the definitive stamp set issued in 2006 called Birds of the Garden. The full set contains twelve stamps. The ones on this cover picture a blue tit (Parus Caeruleus) and a linnet (Carduelis cannabina).
I had a chance to see the full set that I find very attractive (you can see it at ). Nice stamp set when you are interested in birds on stamps, or simply in definitive stamps.

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