Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More lottery stamps

Following the comment from Rob (Hi Rob, I’m gonna write you soon) on my post about lottery stamps from Japan, I had a look to the case of Estonia. Rob is right, the 1st of December 1999, Estonia has issued a Christmas lottery stamp, for the first time.

The design was the same than the one of the “normal” Christmas stamps, with the addition of a 1.90 kroon surcharge and a unique sequential number. The draw has taken place on the 15th of January 2000. According to the Estonian post web site, only stamps actually used on postage before 13 January 2000 were taken as part of the draw. The prizes were certain amounts of money and had to be taken out before the 15th of February 2000.Obviously this operation was not a very big success, since it was not repeated the year after…

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Biotress said...

I randomly came across your site. Cool collection you have here. I especially like the embroidered one.