Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Letter from Iran

I have this scan in the hard disk of my PC since now several weeks but each time I forget to share it with you. But today is the day.

A letter from Iran is not something very common for me. I think this is the first time I get one. In fact I bought some Iran stamps from 1966 on Ebay and the seller sent me the stamps in the registered letter. The stamps used on the cover are definitive stamps. Butterfly is a very famous topic among topical collectors. The current definitive stamps from Iran picture butterflies that can be found in this area of the world. There are four different stamps on this cover but they picture only three different species : The greek clouded yellow (Colias aurorina), the lemon butterfly (Papilio demoleus) and the European peacock (Inachis io). It is a pity that the stamps have been stuck on each other, but I like this cover anyway.

Speaking about definitive stamps having a topical interest makes me think about the excellent set of articles that you can read on Adrian’s blog (Akphilately) about lions pictured on definitive stamps. It gave me the idea for a next post about frogs on definitive stamps ;-) Easy no ?

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