Wednesday, January 31, 2007

International polar year

As you may know already, the 1st of March will mark the beginning of the international polar year, a scientific event that will involve 27 nations, highlighting polar research and increasing the understanding of the sensitive environment of the Arctic and Antarctic (to know more on this event, click one ).
At this occasion, eight postal administrations will issue a joint issue : Sweden, Greenland, Norway, Canada, USA, Denmark, Finland, Iceland.
Here is the one from Sweden.

The stamps are designed by two Swedish artists : Svenerik Jakobsson who designed the left stamp and Joahan Petterson who realized the painting pictured on the right stamp. The souvenir sheet pictures a topological map of the Arctic Ocean seabed, and the colored symbols used by the AMANDA telescope to register a neutrino reaction 1500m down into the glacier ice at the South Pole.

Here is the one from Finland.

I really like this one. In case you did not notice it yet, the stamps of the souvenir sheet partially overlap. On the shared part, there is a snowflake hologram that twinkles. The hologram can be detached as part of either of the stamps, or can be used separately as a decorative item on a cover.
I do not have (yet) the issues from the other countries. In case you have a scan of one if them, I will be glad to to show it on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Just curious. What type of joint issue (with the 8 nations) would you call this one? ;-) Parallel? Omnibus? I have a few things to send you & will tell you more about it in my e-mail.


Eric said...

Hi Rob

The souvenir sheets are planned to be issued in two shots : one in January (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Greenland) and one in February (Canada, USA, Iceland, Norway). Each group could be considered as parallel issues since they don't have the same design and they are issued more of less within one week.
But if you take the whole 8 issues they don't qualify anymore for parallel issues since there is more than one week between the earliest and the latest issue... So may be omnibus ? But I'm not so sure...
Classification of joint issues is a tough task ;-)