Monday, January 15, 2007

Endangered species from Ecuador

I have been very busy last week, so I did not have much opportunities to write in this blog. I hope this week will be better.Today I want to share with you my last stamp purchase on Ebay. This is an item for my frog stamps collection.

This set of four stamps has been issued by Ecuador the 14th of December 2006. The stamps picture endangered species. I could not (yet) determine precisely what species of frog is pictured. But I’m still searching. Each stamp bear the emblem of an organization that works for animals protection.Together with these four stamps the following item has been issued.

I’m not sure how I should consider this item : is it a stamp ? a label ? a souvenir sheet ? This is not the first time that I see a stamp issue from Ecuador with several stamps and a sort of numbered label that also bear a face value (see the last stamps on the Ecuador page of my website). Anybody know what it is exactly ? Does it have a postal value ? And what is the number which is printed on it ?

You know that I’m not really into FDC but this time I also bought the official FCD of this issue. Here it is.


Anonymous said...


In Portugal some Souvenir sheets are numbered in accordance with issue output.
For example, if the issue was 9000 SS this one will be the 3702.
I am not sure about this information but it is an one point of view.


Christian said...

Hello. In Ecuador is called a souvenir sheet and it does have a postal value. It is usually bigger than the regular stamp and due to its limited quantity, the are numbered.