Wednesday, January 10, 2007

First stamp issues of 2007

For today, let’s share some information about the first issues from French post for 2007. On the 8th of January the first stamps and souvenir sheet have been issued. In fact these are two single stamps and one souvenir sheet from the Valentine’s day series.

Since now several years (since 1999 I think) the fist stamps issued are heart shaped stamps to celebrate Valentine’s day. Since 2000 those stamps are designed by famous dress designers (except in 2002 where the stamps have been designed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, the famous photographer of the earth seen from the sky). In 2007, Givenchy has been chosen. I think Givenchy is quite well known worldwide. I rather like the stamps, I think they are better than the one of last year. The stamps are also available in auto-adhesive format, but in sheet of 30 only!
The next issues will be on the 29th of January. There will be the souvenir sheet to celebrate the start if the Year of the pig according to Chinese horoscope (the picture is taken from French post website, since the stamps are not yet issued)
The design of the sheet is very similar to the one for the year of the rooster (in 2005) and the year of the dog (in 2006) and I rather like it. I’ll try to participate to the first day ceremony to get some first day cancels, but it will be tough. As usual, this issue will also go together with the issue of a philatelic souvenir (sic). I’ll write about those philatelic souvenirs in a future post.
The same day a booklet of ten auto-adhesive stamps will be issued about antics. Here is a copy of the ad from French post, not a scan of the actual stamps since they have not been issued yet.

If you are interested that I keep you informed on this blog about stamp issue from French post, please let me know. I’ll make sure to get you updated.

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