Thursday, January 11, 2007

1999 Souvenir sheet from China

Yesterday, while going through my stock of stamps from China to put them in an album, I found this souvenir sheet that I had almost forgotten. I am often impressed/puzzled/surprised by the souvenir sheets from China. Some of them have an impressive size. For instance this one has only on stamp but the its length is 175mm. And I have some that are much bigger. This one has been issued in 1999 to celebrate the 1999 World Philatelic Exhibition that was held in Beijing from August 21-30,1999. The exhibition marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the convening of the 22nd UPU Congress in Beijing.

The souvenir sheet’s design integrates the logo of the exhibition. It includes three “9” forming a sort of cloud and a pattern of stamp-tooth below. I could not find any information about what is actually pictured on the sheet : a chest ? a sarcophagus ? If anybody knows, I would be happy to get information.
Anyway I think this souvenir sheet is rather attractive, even if more philatelic than postal.

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msyanwu said...

This is one special wall within the former royal residence. A splendid example of skillful artisanship glazing technique and use of color, the wall was constructed in 1773 and depicts the nine sons of the dragon king.