Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Security perforation

I have already shown on my blog several examples of security perforation. Usually these are oval holes made on the border of the stamps within the usual perforation. I showed some examples of perforation that are shaped as a bracket or even as a maple leaf. I guess that in this case they are used more for esthetic reasons than for security. Recently, I was browsing a catalog of new issues and I came across this set of stamps from Korea.
These two stamps have been issued the 3rd of July 2006 by South Korea. This is in fact the second issue in a series called the Goguryeo series, started in 2005. Goguryeo is the name of an ancient kingdom located in the northern Korean peninsula. This kingdom established in 37 BC was the main one of three kingdoms that established the basis of what is Korea today.
The stamp on the top pictures a stone mound tomb from this period. The stamp on the bottom shows a mural painting from a tomb, picturing the God of Sun and the God of Moon.
But the reason why I wanted to show you those stamps, is the perforation. I had a hard time trying to guess what it pictures! Finally I found out that the hole in the perforation has the shape of the territory of Goruryeo kingdom at the height of its power ! Isn’t it sophisticated ?

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