Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Santa Claus

Santa Claus has written to me. Yes! From Finland. The proof ? Here it is ;-) (click for a better view)
Finish post proposes the same service than a lot of other post offices. You can get a letter from Santa Claus. I tried it and this is what I got. I was surpised (and disappointed) to see that the letter was stamped with xmas stamps of 2005 ! Why didn't they use the stamps issued this year for xmas ? The cover contained a letter (written in French !) and signed by Santa Claus. And the letter also contained a small calendar. A nice one. I also got the surprise to get this xmas card from the philatelic service of the Finnish post. I put a scan of both sides (again, click on it to get a wider view). This time the stamps are the ones from 2006. Nice stamps, nice card, nice postmarks. Christmas is coming !


msyanwu said...

This is beautiful. But I think you do need to pay for it. Do you know if any other countries are doing it too?

Eric said...

For the letter from Santa Claus, yes you have to pay. Some other post offices do it for free : for instance the French post. But I'm sure there are plenty of others.

For the card, this is a gift sent by Finish post to all their stamps subscribers. I have a subscription to all new issues from Finland diretcly at Finish post, this is why I received it.