Friday, December 01, 2006


As I already said on this blog, during last stamp show held in Paris, I visited the booth of Austrian post. On top of the Edelweiss stamp that I showed last week, I have bought this interesting souvenir sheet.

This is the Austrian part of a joint issue with Hong Kong issued in August this year which pictures fireworks. A subject that is not seen very often on stamps.. In fact, what I’m showing is not actually the souvenir sheet but a presentation pack. It is made of a thick cardboard sheet, containing two square holes that show the stamps. The particularity of the those stamps is that, part of them, are covered with real Swarosky crystals, which gives them an impressive look (this is unfortunately not really visible on the scan...). The presentation pack is sold with a certificate of authenticity to prove that these are real Swarosky crystals. If I’m not wrong this is the second time Austrian post issues a stamp with crystals. Once again, as for the embroidered edelweiss stamp or any other innovative stamps, this is surely a performance, but is it really answering a postal need ?

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