Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stamp collecting and rugby

If you are interested in rugby you may know that last weekend, France has lost the second rugby test match against the All Blacks from New Zealand. The French team played much better than the week before but, still, they have lost. Not a very encouraging sign, one year before the Rugby World Cup that will be held in France !
Why do I speak about rugby, you may wonder ? Out of the fact that I collect stamps about rugby. Well I just read an article on a French newspaper explaining that Daniel Carter, the fly half of the All Blacks (the number 10 for people who’re not familiar with rugby), the one who is considered by a lot of journalists as the current “best player of the world”, is a stamp collector ! He explains in the article how collecting stamps brings him the serenity he needs to bear the pressure that surrounds him.
It is always interesting to learn about famous people collecting stamps. Very few people really speaks about their interests in stamps collecting because this always looks a bit old fashioned. So this is nice when it comes from a young and famous sportsman.

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