Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Raoul Serres, French stamp engraver and designer, in Stamp magazine

In the November issue of Stamp magazine there is an interesting article about Raoul Serres, a famous French stamp engraver and designer. He has started to design and engrave quite late in his life (he started on stamp design at around 60 years old). I was very happy to see a French engraver celebrated in a British philatelic newspaper. The article shows several of the stamps that he has designed and/or engraved. I have selected some of them to share with you.

This stamp is the first stamp he has designed. This is the 1940 Soldier’s comfort Fund issue. Already on this stamp we can see his specific “style” that will be present in all his stamp designs.

This stamps was issued in 1945 for the Stamp day (Journée du Timbre). The Stamp day is a celebration around philately that happens every year and for which one or several stamps are issued by the French post. This 1945 issue pictures the King Louis XI, the creator of the first state post. Raoul Serres has been selected to design a lot of stamps that were issued for the Stamp Day.

This stamp belongs to a set of four about sport and issued in 1956. I selected this stamp because it pictures rugby, one of my topics of collection.

This stamp was issued in 1961 and is the last stamp designed by Raoul Serres. Again this is a stamp issued for the stamp day.

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