Thursday, November 16, 2006

French ATM (LISA) from the Salon d’Automne

As promised few days ago, here is a picture of the last LISA (name of the French ATM) that was issued during the last philatelic show called le salon d’automne.

This stamp show was celebrating the Mozart year and this ATM pictures the opera houses from Paris and from Vienna. There was also a special cancel used during the show picturing Mozart. Some of you, who are interested in ATM, may have received a letter from me with such ATM and such cancel.
This year I followed a good strategy : I started my visit to the show by the LISA section. I succeeded to be the first one in front of the vending machine and was able to buy how many labels I wanted. It’s so different from last year when I had to wait for 1h30 ! I really still don’t understand why the French post does not propose to interested collectors a mean to get such commemorative ATM even if they can not attend to the show.

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