Thursday, November 23, 2006

Embroidered stamp from Austria

Austrian post was present at last stamp show to which I attended two weeks ago. As I did not know much about the stamps from Austria I decided to visit their booth to check what they had to propose. They had some interesting stamps, and with Mozart year they proposed a lot of nice presentation packs around Mozart.
Among the other stamps they proposed there was this one.

This stamp has been issued the 19th of July 2005. It is embroidered and pictures an edelweiss. I’m always a little bit puzzled when I see embroidered stamps. I think the first one was issued by Switzerland few years ago. I always wonder what it gives when a cover is franked with such stamp. In fact, I have never seen such stamps on a cover and I’m wondering if any has ever actually been used on mail. Does anybody have experience on this?

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