Friday, November 24, 2006

Cover from Angola

Few weeks ago I have received a cover from Angola, a country from where I rarely get mail, so I wanted to share it with you.

The cover is in a good condition except for one stamp that wasn’t well stuck on the cover and got bent during the transport (the one on the left). This is a very important rule when you prepare a nice cover : always make sure that the stamps are well attached to the envelope. Also the stamps are not cancelled, which is a pity. The cover is a registered one, I like the registration label with the UPU emblem. The green label is just a label put by my local post office to indicate in which office the letter was kept for me (as I was absent when it arrives).
The stamps are from 1994 and belong to a set of two picturing traditional potteries. This one pictures a bird shaped pottery.


cees said...

Strange, a registered letter and no cancellation. You have to take extra action at the post office and -here- they cancel the stamps, put the R sticker on it and there it goes, the registered letter.
Nice stamps and your comment on the subject.

Le Petit Prince said...

Hi Eric,

Me again, seem the sender frank the registered label first instead of stamps, it is very interesting. Also, the stamp which issued on 1994 - I don't know are they still valid for postage (although it indicated '2nd zone / international (?!)'), as they are using Kr now.

I sent a request letter with one IRC to Angola Philatelic Bureau few months ago. The returned it by registered mail (use official envelope but no bear any stamps), I felt oddly. After I opened the envelope, I discovered my prepared envelope only bear one 45kr grey parrot and cancelled with Lunada postmark.

Hope I don't have any wrong as my portuguese is very poor, I checked the domestic postage is 45kr from their website. So, what is the postage to oversea and registered mail ?! I am no idea.