Friday, October 06, 2006

A small anecdote

Today I would like to tell you a small anecdote that shows how, in stamps collecting, a great pleasure can come from almost nothing.
First of all some background information. As you know I collect stamps picturing frogs : all sort of frogs, identifiable or only drawings. I have started my collection 6 years ago, and I have read a lot of stamps catalogues, I have browsed a lot of internet web site, I have consulted a lot of stamps checklists and I have looked at a lot of auction websites. All this to say that I start to have a rather good view on all existing stamps that picture a frog. I have built my own checklist which is very complete and I already own a big number of those stamps.Last weekend, I was sorting out some stamps for a philatelic contact. He is interested to get some stamps from Germany and as I happened to have a set of mint stamps from this country I was looking at them to see if there was anything for his want list. And then my eyes fell on this stamp.

It is a stamp issued by Germany the 12th of May 2000. It is related to nature preservation. And, as you may notice, there is a frog on it ! Can you imagine that I have this stamp since 5 years in my boxes and I never saw before that there was a frog on it ? This stamp was even not listed in my checklist ! I was so happy to discover this. I mean these days I rarely discover new stamps with frogs, except new issues. This little joy has lit up the rest of my day.

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