Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Prefecture stamps from Japan

I do not know much about Japanese stamps. I have two or three philatelic contacts in Japan (through the Asian Cover Collector Club) and they send me, from time to time, stamps from their country. Here are few examples of stamps that I have received from them.

All those stamps are prefecture stamps (also called “furusato” stamps), i.e. stamps that are issued by a specific prefecture. Since 1989, each Japanese prefecture issues its own stamps. These “local” issues can be bought only in the area where they have been issued, but they can be used on mail everywhere in the country.
From top to bottom, the stamps are from the prefecture of Toyana (Owara Dance issued in August 2004), Tokyo (issued in June 2005) and Aichi (issued in October 2006).
If you are interested in Japanese stamps, here is a very useful website : http://yushu.or.jp/english/e_sdate/index.html

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