Monday, October 02, 2006

New French ATM

I know that among the readers of my blog there are several collectors of ATM so I wanted to show you this one today (sorry the scan is not very good. In fact such item are not so easy to scan…)
This is a French ATM (we call them LISA for Libre Service affranchissement, i.e. self-service stamping) that has been issued two weeks ago for a philatelic exhibition held in Nevers jointly between France and Germany. As usual for this type of “commemorative” ATM, it was available only during the event and only at the location of the event. I was not present (I got this one thanks to a friend) but I guess this was as usual : you had to queue for hours in front of the machines to be able to buy some. This is really a pity that such item are not available directly from the post office. This is not a surprise in this case, that just after such event, you can find these ATM at a relatively high price on auction websites…

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