Thursday, October 12, 2006

My oldest stamp

Few days ago, I asked myself the question : what is the oldest stamp that you have ? So I browsed mentally my collections and all stamps that I remembered having received in one way or another. After some minutes I came to the conclusion that it was this stamp.
A one penny... but one penny from Saint Vincent. The first stamp from Saint Vincent was issued in 1861. But, seing the postmark of this one, I guess it is more the one issued in 1885/1886. Still it remains the oldest stamp that I have, so far... And you ? What is your oldest stamp ?

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Anna said...

Reading your intro and yes the year of 1966 was great ( when I was born.
And I do have some stamps of that year and plenty of older ones that im trying to research about.
value and such . Just getting started as My grandfather (born 1911 and a tru collector) left a whole bunch for me. Oldest? I cant answer that as there is no date on some of them. but around 1863-1880
Im getting very intrested my self.