Wednesday, October 18, 2006

French post offices in China

Since I’m collecting stamps from China and also stamps from France, I naturally became interested in the stamps issued by France for the French post offices in China.
At the beginning of the 20th century several foreign countries have operated local post offices in China. France is no exception, and French post offices were operated in :

- Canton (1901-1919)
- Hoi Hao (1901-1919)
- Kwangchowan (1906-1941)
- Mongtseu (1903-1919)
- Pakhoi (1903-1919)
- Tchongking (1903-1919)
- Yunnan Fou (1903-1919)

Initially French stamps overprinted « CHINA » were used. Then stamps from France and from Indo-china were used, overprinted in black or red, with the name of the city where the post office was located.Here is an example of stamps from Indo-china, used in the post office of Pak-hoi.

The 10c stamp has been issued in 1904 and overprinted for usage in China in 1906. The 35c has been issued in 1906 and overprinted the same year. The red overprint is hard to read on the black design of the stamp. In reality the background of the stamp is much more yellow than on the scan.I have other examples of stamps used in Pakhoi that I’ll show you in a later post.

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