Monday, October 30, 2006


The weather in Paris was not so good over the weekend, so I could spend dome time sorting out my stamps and digging into a worldwide mixture of mint stamps that I bought several weeks ago. Two stamps caught quickly my attention, mainly because, as you’ll see, they are overprinted. And you know that I’m always interested by overprinted stamps. So I decided to show them to you.

These are two stamps from Ethiopia. The 20c stamp has been issued in 1947 and pictures Aïba, near Maï Tcheo. The 60c stamp has been issued in 1951 and pictures a Canoe on lake Tana, the largest lake of Ethiopia. Both stamps belong to a larger set, but only those two have been overprinted in April 1960 to commemorate the 1959/1960 World Refugee Year.

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