Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dangerous Australians

I have a subscription to new stamp issues from Australia, so regularly I received from my stamp dealer a packet with all the latest issues. Last weekend I received this colorful souvenir sheet called “Dangerous Australians” !

This souvenir sheet has been issued beginning of October 2006 (for the stamp collecting month) and pictures some of the most dangerous animals that live in Australia (from left to right and top to bottom) : the white shark, the Eastern brown snake, the Box Jellyfish, the Saltwater crocodile, the Yellow-bellied Sea Snake and the Blue-ringed Octopus. I did not know that there were so many dangerous animals in Australia when I went there ;-).
These stamps have also been issued separately as single stamps, and also in self adhesive version (so if you add the prestige booklet and some other stuff it represents already an impressive amount of money for one single issue…).
The stamp sheet has also been issued in a limited edition, with the Yellow-bellied snake stamp replaced by a Red and Black Spider stamp imperforated (while the other stamps of the sheet are perforated). This semi-perforated special edition stamp sheet is presented in a very luxurious and beautiful collector pack. As I did not want to destroy it, I did not dear taking out the sheet to scan it, so I can not show it to you.Looking at all that I still wonder, is there really a need for so many stamps ?

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