Friday, October 20, 2006

Cover from Slovakia

I have received recently this nice cover from Slovakia. This is the first time I get mail from this country, so I’m really happy. And the stamps on the cover are quite nice (they are recess printed), with a very neat postmark.
The stamps have been issued on the 10th of April 2001 and they both represent archeological localities. The one on the left pictures fortification of a gate and an observatory from the first decade of the first century, located in Liptovská Mara—Havránok. The stamp also pictures Celtic coins.
The one on the right pictures the locality of Ducové—Kostolec with construction from the 9th century together with an ornamental button and jewel discovered there.
If you are interested by stamps from Slovakia, you can find a lot of information on

This archeological stamps make me think that I discovered yesterday (through a comment let on my blog) a very nice website with an online philatelic exhibition around Neanderthals : The site is very nice and well done, and is really worth the visit!

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