Monday, October 23, 2006

Cover from Netherlands

I’m so happy ! End of last week I have received this cover from Netherlands.

It has been sent by Cees, the blogger of Stamps And Chicken Things, and this is my first cover with a frog stamp on it ! I have already some nice covers with frog stamps, but this is the first one addressed to me. I’m so happy. Thank you very much Cees. This stamp is extracted from a sheet issued beginning of October about Animals from the Zoo. The complete sheet has been already shown by Cees on his blog (click here to see the article).
I did not take the time to look for information about the other stamps, sorry... But looking at the three stamps I realized something interesting : the three stamps denomination is in Eurocent. Since we have adopted Euro in France, all stamps are denominated in Euro, even when the face value is very low. For instance the 1 eurocent stamp is denominated 0.01 Euro. I wonder if there are other countries from the Euro zone that is using Eurocent on stamps...

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chickenstampy6669 said...

Very happy you like this stamp and cover to.Our lowest value of "Euro" value stamps is indeed the € 0,02stamp on the cover. Always need a lot of that value (and others) to compleet the value needed on letters to Europe or outside Europe. Next January 1st we have an increase for the mailservices ( local from € 0,39 to € 0,44) so we need "small value on stamps, hope they issued some new stamps for that. Stamps with high value we have enough.....