Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Austria, 1966

Recently, I have been exchanging stamps with various collectors from various countries. In exchange for French new issues, they were sending me items for my collection of stamps issued in 1966. Among the nice stamps I have received, there is this set of six.

It has been issued by Austria the 25th of November 1966 and, as you see, pictures various fruits and berries. I like it a lot. The stamps actually look much better in reality than on the scan. Seeing the small size of the stamps, my first impression was that they were definitive stamps. My assumption was confirmed when I checked my Yvert&Tellier catalog, where this set is presented as a “definitive” issue. But it seems to be different in my Scott catalog. And on the Austrian post office website, these stamps are presented as “special” stamps and not definitive one. So I guess I was wrong…
Anyway, I think these are nice stamps that I’m happy to add to my collection of stamps of 1966. This collection starts to be rather impressive, so I should really think of starting an inventory and establishing the detailed list of the stamps I have and the one I don’t have. At least to avoid duplicates. But this looks like such a huge job that I still did not find the strength to start.

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