Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New face value on French stamps

Two weeks ago I have written about the postal rate increase that will happen in France on the 1st of October this year (see http://my-philately.blogspot.com/2006/08/change-of-postal-rate.html). For instance the standard postal rate for a letter below 20g will go from 0.53€ to 0.54€. And now the stamps with the new face value are coming. On the 18th of September the French post will issue a stamp picturing Thionville, a city located in the East of France. And this stamp will have the new face value of 0.54€.
In the same way, the 26th of September, French post will issue a joint issue with Romania. The stamps will be illustrated by sculptures from Constantin Brancusi. One of the stamps (The sleeping muse) bears the new face value of 0.54€ (I like this stamp a lot !) and the other one (The sleep) has a face value of 0.85€, the new standard rate for a letter below 20g for countries out of European community

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