Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Even if I’m a frog stamps collector, I’m always interested in fauna and flora on stamps. Recently, while doing some research around frogs and toads, I have been more and more interested also in naturalists that have discovered and even named new animal and vegetal species. So I was happy when I found this set of stamps, while sorting a worldwide mix that I recently purchased.

This set has been issued for the Falklands Islands Dependencies on the 4th of November 1985. It pictures famous naturalists and endangered species that they have discovered. I really like these stamps, even though I’m not really able to explain why.

The naturalists that are pictured on the stamps are Dumont d’Urville (French), Johann Reinhold Forster (German), Johann Georg Adam Forster (German and son of the previous one) and Sir Joseph Banks (British).

I have seen in my Scott catalog that these stamps are from the same type that four stamps issued for Falklands Islands (not “dependencies” this time) also in November 1985. If somebody reading my blog has these stamps I would be happy to get a scan of them. Even better, if they are available for exchange, I’m ready to study any proposal.

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