Thursday, September 28, 2006


On the 19th of September this year, Irish post (An post) has issued two stamps to commemorate the Ryder cup that was held in Ireland from the 22nd to the 24th of September. The particularity of those two stamps is that they are “lenticular” or “moving”. They are composed of several pictures inter-laced together with a new process so that when you tilt the stamp in front of your eyes, you see the picture actually moving. In the case of those two stamps you see the golf club moving and hitting the ball. This can not be seen on this scan unfortunately, but if you want to see them moving you can check at : .

If I’m not wrong this is not the first time that moving stamps are issued. I think New Zealand was the first country to issue such stamps for the Olympic games issue of 2004.. I’m always interested in innovation in stamps design. I think this one is funny, probably not very useful but funny.
Another innovation that can be seen recently is the usage of “thermal” ink. As on this new issue from New Zealand commemorating the Gold Rush.

If you rub the dark spot of the stamp, the heat of your finger will make appear some gold nuggets in the plate ! This technique has also been used on stamps from other countries, as in Finland recently.

I’m just thinking that “innovative” stamps could be a nice subject for collection…

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