Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cover from New Zealand

The cover I have selected for today comes from New Zealand. I have received it last week. The stamps on the right belong to the set of five issued on the 4Th of January 2006 to celebrate the Year of the Dog. The stamps picture a Labrador retriever (on the left) and a Golden retriever (on the right). The sender has kept the printed margin of the stamps. I always wonder if a stamp has more philatelic value if the margin is kept or not. Any idea ? I don’t know anything about the third stamp.
What I really like on this cover is the postmark. First of all it is very clear. But also it is really big. This is not the first time I get mail from New Zealand but this is the first time I get it with such a big postmark. I do not know if this is the “standard” cancel of Dunedin or if this is any special cancel. If somebody knows… I think I have some other covers, from some other countries, with such big postmark. I’ll have to check, and I’ll show them to you if I find them.

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chickenstampy6669 said...

The printed margins of stamps gives them more value. Think the value is twice, in money and philatelic also. In our country we have a lot of stamps with information left, right,up or under the stamp. If that's not there the value ( €€ ) is less.