Monday, September 25, 2006


Last week, at the same time than the Russian cover that I showed on Friday, I have received this cover from Czech republic

First thing to be noticed is the cancel, of course (click on the picture to zoom). If I understood well, this cover was sent during a philatelic and numismatic fair during which this special cancel was used.The stamp belongs to a set of four, issued on the 13th of September. The four stamps of the set picture cactuses that grow flowers. Here is the full set.

As you can see they have been issued by pair “se-tenant”. From lest to right and top to bottom, the following species are shown : Obregonia denegrii (coming from Mexico), Gymnocalycium denudatum (one of the very few hybrid cultivar), Cintia knizei (from Bolivia) and Astrophytum asterias (also from Mexico).I must admit I love cactuses, so I was very happy to receive this cover and this set of stamps

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