Monday, September 11, 2006

Another large postmark, this time from Argentina

Last week I have shown a cover from New Zealand with a very large postmark. During the weekend, while going through my collection of covers, I found another one from another country. This one comes from Argentina. The postmark is also very clear and very large.
As usual, let’s give some information about the stamps. The four identical stamps on the right belong to the definitive fauna issue of 1995. They picture a condor. The other stamp has been issued in 2000 and belongs to a set of stamps about traditional objects. The stamp pictures a harvesting basket. Look at the perforation of the stamp. On the top there is a small notch on both side. I have seen this on several stamps. I think this is done for security reason, to make it more difficult to produce fake stamps. I guess this sort of thing has a name in the philatelic world. If somebody knows it, and if somebody has any information about this practice, I would be glad to hear from him/her.

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Adrian said...

Have a look at my entry of 12-09-2006!


PS: love the French-roumanian stamps, very beautifully done!