Thursday, September 21, 2006

1949 Air mail stamp

I feel a little bit ashamed that I did not update my blog regularly these last days, but time is running so fast, and so many things to do… Well, it has been a long time since last time I have shown an old French stamp, isn’t it ? So here is one.

Why do I show this one ? Because I received recently, from one of my philatelic pen pals, his wish list for French stamps and among the list there was this stamp. When I looked at it, I thought that it is really a beautiful stamp. It has been issued in 1949. This is an air mail stamp (hence the face value of 100f). It has been designed and engraved by Pierre Gandon, a famous stamp designer/engraver. Of course this stamp has been recess-printed, as almost all stamps issued by France at this time.
It pictures two important monuments of Paris : the Alexander III Bridge and the Grand Palais. The Grand Palais is an exhibition hall that has been constructed for the universal exhibition of Paris in 1900. The bridge has also been built for the same occasion. If you have ever been to Paris, I’m sure you have seen them. The Grand Palais has been closed for several years (between 1993 and 2005) for refection works, because some piece of the roof were threatening to fall. Now it has been reopened and it is a very nice place.

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cddstamps said...

Eric, I agree.. beautiful stamp.. not like much of what is issued today.. and did you read about the online stamps.. technolgy moving us forward I guess

Best wishes.. keep up the interesting writings