Friday, August 04, 2006

Souvenir sheets from Nepal

Before my holidays I have showed you a cover that I received from Nepal. I also said that it contained some souvenir sheets. I would like to show them to you today. This is the first time I get mint stamps from Nepal, so I was thrilled when I got the letter.The first one has been issued the 18th of November 1982. It commemorates the 50th anniversary of the international union of alpinists associations and pictures Himalayas peaks : Mt Everest (8846 meters high), Mt Lhoste (8516 meters high) and Mt Nuptse (7861 meters high). What is funny is that the three stamps of the set have different size. The printings in the sheet margins are also quite interesting.
The second one has been issued the 30th of May 1985. The set contains five stamps and pictures religious painting of the 13th century (from the Shiva Dharma Purana). These five stamps picture different attitudes of Shiva. The stamps have been issued se-tenant. In this version of the souvenir sheet, the five stamps are even issued in strip of five “imperf” within, which gives this impression of a rather large stamp but in fact there are actually five stamps per row. The result is rather nice, even if I doubt about the real postal relevance of such strip of five imperf stamps…

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Buddy said...

hay I like the painting stamps I hope you enjoyed your Holiday, glad to see that you are posting again I miss reading great job you are doing on the Blog.