Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Recent issues from China (PRC)

I have a philatelic pen pal in China (PRC). “Philatelic pen pal” means that he sends me the most recent stamp issues from China and I send him back the ones from France. And we try, as much as possible, to include the maximum of information we have on those new issues. This exchange is very interesting, mainly when it concerns such different cultures as Chinese and French ! I recently got his sending for the stamps issued during the two first quarters of 2006. I wanted to show you a specific set of stamps that I found really beautiful, but for any reason I could succeed to scan them. The stamps are very nice, but once scanned they appeared completely fuzzy. I could not find the good parameters to put into my scanner to get a good result. So I decided to who you another set, that I also like. It has been issued the 22nd of April, and pictures sceneries of the Tianzhu Mountain. The four stamps have charming titles as Green dragon mountain Stream, Taoist practice terrace, Sanzu temple and Qingtian peak.
I don’t know if you are familiar with Chinese stamps, but there is something on them that I did not see from other countries. On each stamp, usually at the bottom, there is the indication of a serial number made from the year of issue and from the order of the issue in the year. For instance on those stamps, on the left bottom you can read 2006-9 because this is the 9th stamp set issue of 2006 (well you have to trust me because it can not be read on my scan ;-) ). Furthermore, on the right bottom of each stamp you have an indication of the total number of stamps in the set and the position of the stamp in the set. The four stamps are number from 4-1 to 4-4. This is valid for all stamps issued by China, and I think this is done since a long time. I don’t think any other country does the same.
By the way if you want to see the stamp set that I originally wanted to show you, you can click
here to see the info on the website from China post.

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